When your health is on the line, quality care makes all the difference. But how do you find the care you need when you need it the most?


By combining advanced data science and machine learning techniques with the latest clinical research, Spreemo Health is answering this question, all while driving the emerging science of quality.


quality variability in advanced imaging


Misdiagnoses in radiology are prevalent, and often lead to inappropriate care, poor patient outcomes, and increased costs. Leading research conducted in collaboration with Hospital for Special Surgery and published in the Spine Journal has demonstrated error rates as high as 43% for musculoskeletal imaging.


Spreemo Health connects employees and their loved ones to local Radiology Centers of Excellence all across the country, ensuring that each patient receives the most accurate diagnosis, resulting in the right treatment at the right time. 


Helping patients find the right doctor, doctors deliver the right care, and payers find the best value.