Ron Vianu

Co-Founder & CEO


Richard Herzog, M.D.

Executive Director, Quality Research Institute


Raz Winiarsky, M.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dan Elgort, Ph.D.


VP, Healthcare Analytics and Research

John Peloquin


Chief Software Architect

Allon Yosha 


Chief Operating Officer

Andreas Turanski

Chief Technology Officer

Danny Mayer

Chief of Staff

Mike Lundberg

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Monica Mohring

SVP, Corporate Development


Miriam Makhlouf, Ph.D.

Director, Research Operations and Informatics

Ryan Limor

Director, Product Initiatives

Charles Qian

Director, Growth Initiatives


Matanyah Seguev

Director, People Operations

Lisa Hagen

Director, Product Management

Arthur Wong


Director, Engineering & Project Management